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Tech 30 January 2022

Windows 11: features and tricks to get the most out of your computer

Windows 11 officially released on October 5th and has gradually made its way to desktop PCs, laptops, and hybrid devices, including the Surface line of computers. The new graphics, the different arrangement of the icons and some completely new features can create some hesitation in users accustomed to the previous version of the system developed by Microsoft.
In reality, Windows 11 represents the perfect evolution of how an operating system should be today, capable of adapting to different types of devices. Large manufacturers such as Acer, Lenovo and Asus have in fact expanded their lines with products that no longer correspond exclusively to the classic idea of a desktop or laptop PC, including convertible and 2-in-1 devices.
Windows 11 compatibile devices
Windows 11 compatibile devices
Among the models that best represent this change stand out the versatile Acer Spin 3 equipped with Active Stylus pen, the handy Lenovo Yoga 6 with only 1.7 cm thickness, the revolutionary Asus ZenBook Duo with dual display.
The computer sector in recent years has also seen the entry of new manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei and Honor, resulting in a multiplication of choices for the end user thanks to more affordable but at the same time performing solutions. Examples are Huawei's Matebook D15 and Samsung's Galaxy Book, which have an excellent price / performance ratio.
Whether you prefer a notebook, 2-in-1 computer, or desktop PC, Windows 11 lets you get the most out of your study, work and entertainment. In this guide we will see what are the new features made available by the operating system, finding tricks and shortcuts that can save us time and simplify the management of our digital life.
Management of working windows

Management of working windows

Among the most popular new features of Windows 11 there is a more complete management of the working windows. By hovering the mouse over the maximize icon (in the shape of a square) at the top right, you will see four configurations for resizing the window.
You can decide to divide the work area into 2, 3 or 4 parts by simply clicking on one of the buttons on the screen. Each window can then be resized and positioned in the screen area by choosing from those open on the desktop.
The option can be customized by going to the Settings> System> Multitasking menu and accessing the Tile windows screen. To view the active windows it is also possible to press the key combination Alt + Tab directly from the keyboard.

Advanced screenshots

Just like in mobile devices, in which we are used to taking screenshots, Windows 11 has decided to revisit the old function of the Stamp key known perhaps only by insiders. To take a screenshot now just press the key combination Windows + Shift + S.
A cursor will appear on the screen with which to crop the part of the screen concerned and which will be immediately copied to the clipboard using the Snipping Tool. This new application allows you to quickly make some changes to the image including highlighting, underlining, writing as well as being able to save the result in GIF, JPG or PNG formats.
Windows 11 Emoji keyboard
Windows 11 Emoji keyboard

Emoticons and special characters to insert anywhere

The use of social networks via browser makes them feel, especially for younger people, the lack of the telephone keypad from which it is possible to add phantom emoticons to comments and messages. Windows 11 has decided to make up for this lack by allowing you to activate an additional tool to the qwerty keyboard by pressing the key combination Windows +: (the colon key).
This sort of on-screen keyboard allows you to enter Emoji in any text field, online or locally, just like on mobile devices. In addition, you can browse the funniest GIFs and the list of special characters, the latter very useful when using video writing programs.
Windows 11 clipboard history
Windows 11 clipboard history

Smart copy and paste

Many users may have had to copy and paste a sentence or image several times by juggling several open windows. This repetitive operation with Windows 11 will henceforth become just a memory.
By pressing the key combination Windows + V it is possible to invoke the clipboard history tool, where you can find everything that has been copied during the current work session. At this point, just select the part of the text or the image concerned to copy it into the document you are working on. Remember to activate this option by going to the Settings> System> Clipboard menu and place the check mark on On.

Shake to tidy up the windows

By activating the "Shaking title bar" option, you can grab the title bar of a window and shake it to minimize all open windows in the workspace.
This is a fun and very useful function with devices equipped with a touchscreen, in which to order by simply swinging the window we intend to keep open at that moment. To activate it just go to Settings> System> Multitasking and place the check mark on On.
Windows 11 notification center
Windows 11 notification center

Customize the notification center

Microsoft has also carried out important work on the restyling of the notification center, freeing it from all the widgets present in Windows 10 that are now part of a dedicated section. On the other hand, notifications can constitute a nuisance during a study session, an online exam, the drafting of a document.
Windows 11 allows you to manage each notification analytically, by accessing the Settings> System> Notifications menu or, for those who use a mouse, by right-clicking on the clock at the bottom left and then on Notification settings.
In this screen you can activate or deactivate notifications, choose the time slots in which it is preferable not to receive notifications or analytically select which applications can forward notifications.

Multiple desktops for multiple tasks

To simplify access to the multi-desktop or virtual desktop function, Microsoft thought of placing a reference icon, represented by two overlapping squares, directly within the taskbar. By clicking on it you can activate a second work area, thus dividing the study from leisure or any other activity that requires the right attention.
The user can assign a name to each desktop and change the background, for greater distinction, as well as using any program already present on the computer in each virtual desktop as in the main workspace.