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Your One-Stop price comparison website

Buy with peace of mind

Product delivered or money back

Minimum 6 months warranty

ROC Registered businesses

Why buy from eSure websites?

eSure is our premium membership program which a website to participate must meet certain conditions such as being a company registered with the Registrar Of Companies of Sri Lanka (ROC), providing our users with a money back guarantee whenever the seller does not deliver the product and at least 6 months warranty on each product sold. Also, as the premium membership program is a subscription, we will check from time to time if member sites continue to meet the program conditions.

What we offer to our Premium Members

If you are the owner of a website and can meet the conditions of the eSure program, you can become a premium member. is Sri Lanka's largest price comparison website, so we have a global view of market trends in Sri Lanka. What we offer our premium members is this data and our users' confidence in buying from a verified shop. By being a member of the eSure program, you will be able to create campaigns based on real-time market changes and gain a competitive advantage over other websites. Find out how to become a premium member