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Your One-Stop price comparison website

The number one price comparison website in Sri Lanka! is a search engine that helps compare prices from different shopping sites for any product and find the most convenient offer.
We choose only the best ecommerce sites building a unique relationship with each of the 100+ affiliates to guarantee an online shopping experience based on competency and affidability.

From the very begining, we imagined as an instrument which always helps find the best offer present in the market. At the same time, we offer our affiliates the access to a traffic of fondamental quality to boost up the trade and reinforce the brand.
We are dedicated to keep our platform responsibly and sustainabily using energy generated from green energy sources. is a website built and owned by Avenan

90 Thousand


300 Thousand


2 Million


What we do is constantly kept up to date by a group of passionate people who belive in fair trade. Each product is manually checked before being assigned to the correct category from hundreds of categories present on the website.
The offers, ordered by price by default, come from online shopping sites carefully picked and certified by our staff. We are commited to maintaining the quality of service offered by our affilites through Certified Reviews, which are complete and neutral, enforcing the trust of the consumers in shopping online, as well as increasing the sales of the ecommerce sites.

What we do for our Affiliates

We collaborate with the best online shopping sites, providing them the instruments neccessary to reach millions of users who use to search the best offers present in the market.
The quality of traffic generated by lets superior conversion rates than the average. Find out how to become our affiliate.