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Childhood Special: tech products that make life easier for parents at home

The parenting is one of the hardest professions to learn. Each new experience consolidates the knowledge base and brings us closer to our little ones. But growing up with them often requires commitment and effort. We have dedicated our guide to all parents struggling with this exciting journey. We will talk about products for children designed to offer adults valuable support. Specifically, we will analyze the most useful and advanced tech products in circulation.

Tech products for children: structure of the guide

Practical solutions to everyday problems: this is what a parent struggling with a newborn looks for. Yes, because growing a child gives immeasurable satisfaction but also a good dose of worries, especially in the first months of life. Only over time, in fact, the parent learns about the children, their emotions and reactions, starting to decode what, at first, would seem like a puzzle. There are many baby products dedicated to new parents. And they often go to saturate the space in the house as soon as the baby is born. In this guide we want to focus on the most useful tools to facilitate the growth of our children and simplify our lives. In doing so, technology comes to our rescue, through various tech products that make some everyday operations simpler and faster. Measure the baby's temperature, check that he rests well, support him during breastfeeding and weaning, checking that he grows properly. Here are some of the activities in which parents are engaged on a daily basis and which, thanks to technology, can be carried out in a more agile way. We have divided the guide into six sections, each dedicated to a specific product category. But, in some cases, we have combined objects with a similar profile, although designed for different purposes. The first section, for example, concerns the health of the child. Thermometers for children and electric nasal aspirators are the absolute protagonists of this category which includes extremely intuitive tech products. Continuing, we take care of the rest of our little ones, a moment of crucial importance both day and night. Baby monitors help parents monitor them while they sleep, watching over their sleep through advanced sensors and video cameras. While lamps and night lights promote rest, especially when associated with sounds, simple music or effective white noise. With the third section of the guide we move from sleep to daytime relaxation, describing electronic bouncers and swings capable of swinging babies automatically, accompanying them with sounds and songs. The last three paragraphs of the guide follow the common thread of the power supply but declined in a different way. We start with breast pumps, tools designed to help mothers who are breastfeeding, especially when newborns find it difficult with the first feedings. But these tech products also make it possible to feed babies when their mothers are away. The fifth section, on the other hand, calls into question weaning, describing homogenizers and food cookers, tools that simplify the parent's day, speeding up the preparation of meals for children. Last but not least, we close with a roundup of electronic scales dedicated specifically to babies. Precise and reliable, they are the right tool to monitor growth at best.

Thermometers and nasal aspirators

At the beginning, here is a section dedicated to the health of our little one. Among the many baby products tailored for children, we have chosen the most comfortable and practical ones for parents too. We are talking about tech products that are easy to use and, above all, safe. Made of rigorously tested quality materials, they speed up many of the most delicate daily operations. Thermometers for children and nasal aspirators: here are the advanced devices we have selected. Let's start with a product for children with an almost unbeatable value for money. In fact, for a cost of a few thousand rupees, Trudi's Dig pacifier thermometer is capable of measuring the temperature while the child holds it in his mouth. Equipped with a display and battery operated, it takes about three minutes to calculate the temperature, warning us at the end of the operation with an acoustic signal. Furthermore, an exclusive Trudi soft toy is always included in the package. More technologically advanced is the Chicco Smart Touch infrared thermometer. Lightweight and compact, it only takes one second to detect the temperature, through direct contact with the baby's forehead. Ideal for the little ones but suitable for the whole family, it is one of the most accurate tools around. Equally precise and practical is the ThermoScan 3 ear thermometer, the simplest and cheapest of the successful series produced by Braun. Compared to the classic inguinal, axillary or rectal models, the measurement is very fast and not at all invasive. Once turned on, in fact, simply place it at the mouth of the ear canal and wait a few moments. Equipped with a display for temperature control, it keeps the last reading in memory. Even more feature-rich is the Thermoscan 7, also from Braun. We are in the presence of one of the most reliable and complete models ever. In addition to boasting great precision, in fact, it provides three different settings depending on the age of the child. It lights up green, yellow or red according to the detected value. The display also integrates a night light mode that makes it visible in the dark without risking waking up the little one. Not to mention that it can store up to 9 measurements. Finally, like the previous model, it includes in the package a supply of 21 Hygiene caps, disposable caps to be applied to the tip of the thermometer. Turning the page, we are describing two interesting nasal aspirators, one entry-level, the other high-end. The Braun Nasal Aspirator 1 stands out for its incredible ease of use. Designed to suck up mucus effectively and quietly, it has two tips of different sizes to adapt to the needs of children. Battery powered, it offers two speeds of operation. And once the operation is complete, it can be stored in the soft bag included in the set. Finally, for those looking for the definitive product, the answer comes from the Nosiboo electric nasal aspirator. More generous in size and sold in three cheerful color variations, it offers variable power on multiple levels. Efficient, delicate and easy to clean, it consists of a pointed head, called a hummingbird, to be introduced into the nose. While a small tube connected to the central unit sucks the mucus towards a special ampoule. All in a few seconds and without stress.
Night lamps and baby monitors

Night lamps and baby monitors

When it comes to sleep, a delicate subject is touched upon. Not all children, in fact, are able to quickly familiarize themselves with the dynamics of falling asleep. In particular, the most critical phases are those of awakening, following which the little one is unable to go back to sleep independently. And this behavior can generate stress and worries in the parent, giving rise to tensions that negatively affect the sleep of children. In fact, the process of creating a sleep-related routine can be long and tortuous. But some baby products are able to provide valuable help to the parent. This is the case of the night lamps, warm and comforting lights that facilitate the baby's sleep and the possible fall asleep. Let's start with one of the simplest and cheapest models: Chicco's raccoon night light. Simple but effective, it hides 8 different lighting effects under the guise of a nice character designed to create a relaxing environment. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is also available in a panda and fox variant. Also from Chicco, comes a more advanced night light. We are talking about the Magic Lantern, a multifunctional lamp capable of reproducing 5 variations of light associated with as many calming sound effects. Sweet melodies and sounds of nature accompany children towards sleep, also facilitating them thanks to the movement, due to the rounded shape of the lamp base. On the other top, a practical handle allows children to grab and always carry the lantern with them. Another very interesting product is the Clementoni Night Lamp, associated with a tender Disney character to choose between Mickey and Minnie. With a silhouette that recalls the face of the two iconic animated heroes, the lamp ensures a reassuring combination of lights and sounds, chosen from white noises and classical music. Once the baby has fallen asleep, the need arises in the parent to check that everything is going smoothly. This need is linked to the widespread success of baby monitors, highly useful tech products. We start with the essential Philips Avent Dect, a stylish and robust audio monitor consisting of a receiver unit and a transmitter. Thanks to Dect technology which ensures a signal that is always clean and free of interference, it covers a maximum range of 300 meters. Safe and reliable, it integrates a relaxing night light on the baby unit. More advanced and expensive is Angelcare AC117, a high-end baby monitor that also includes a third element in the package, the precise panel with motion sensor and breath detection. Discreet and ultra-sensitive, it sends an acoustic signal to the receiving unit if it does not detect at least one movement within 20 seconds. And we conclude with a model that renounces the respiratory sensor but offers an excellent LCD display to monitor the child live. Chicco's Video Baby Monitor Deluxe 254 is a trusted ally for parents who want to keep their child under control at all times. Equipped with a video camera to be placed in the child's room, it offers quality images through the large 3.5-inch display placed on the receiving unit. And it features an infrared night mode.

Electronic bouncers

The products for children designed to facilitate the night's sleep are accompanied by advanced electronic bouncers to be used mainly during the day. Relaxation, sleep and play coexist in tech products rich in functionality and with an extremely refined design. Let's start with Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper, a rocking ship that turns into a bouncer following the growth path of the newborn from birth to 6 months. Reclining in three different positions, it is equipped with a hood and a vibration function. Furthermore, it is enriched by a play bar that acts as a musical mobile with changing lights. For those looking for a tout-court baby bouncer, we have chosen the Carillon Swing by Foppapedretti. Rocking model with 5 levels of automatic oscillation, can be easily controlled through the remote control included in the package. Equipped with a pull-out table for play or snack, it includes 16 programmable melodies to accompany the baby's rest. Even more advanced is MamaRoo 4Moms, a top of the range bouncer with a high technological level. In this case, movement and sound are manageable through the smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Made of quality materials, it is completely removable and washable. And we conclude in a big way with a unique product of its kind. The Nuna Leaf Curv bouncer is a riot of comfort, ergonomics and style. Reliable and easy to disassemble, it offers a gentle wave motion that does not require batteries or cables. Through a slight push, in fact, an oscillatory motion is triggered which lasts about two minutes. All in absolute silence.
Breast pump

Breast pump

The World Health Organization considers mother's milk the most complete food possible for the newborn and recommends its exclusive intake for up to 6 months, then alternating with liquid and solid foods for up to two years and beyond. In the long journey of breastfeeding, mothers can receive valuable support from technology. Breast pumps, in particular, are tech products designed to facilitate the task for mothers if, for example, newborns are unable to breastfeed sufficiently. But they are also useful for organizing meals once work has been resumed, pumping milk and storing it in the fridge or freezer. Furthermore, the breast pump can relieve any breast engorgement, preventing it from developing into an unpleasant mastitis. In short, the benefits of the breast pump are many. And in our selection, we have chosen the most complete and functional products for children. Let's start off well with a Medela breast pump, the industry's leading brand. The Medela Mini Electric is small, light and made of a single body. Very comfortable thanks to the 5 cups included in the package, it is also particularly delicate. Running on current or battery, it can be adjusted on various levels thanks to a special button. The profile of Chicco Natural Feeling is similar, an electric breast pump with an excellent quality-price ratio. Practical and easy to handle, it is made with soft and hypoallergenic materials. This model also offers various intensities and, in addition, keeps memory of the last chosen setting. Coming to breast pumps equipped with a tube that connects the cup to the motor, we chose Nuvita Materno, one of the most awarded and appreciated by mothers. This breast pump is designed to faithfully simulate the suckling of the newborn, through three different phases: a gentle initial stimulation, the actual suction and the final drainage of the breast which prevents the onset of annoyances. The Chicco Naturally Me also belongs to the same category, an ultra-delicate model with a large LCD display for controlling settings. Simple to customize, it offers 10 adjustable intensity levels. And includes a sample of breast pads in the package. Continuing our selection, here is one of the best breast pumps out there. Medela Swing is sold at an important price but all of this is justified by its extraordinary effectiveness. Enriched with many accessories and additional containers, it has its strong point in the engine. Natural extraction without hassle: this is what this model offers, also available in a double variant. In conclusion, we chose a model different from all the others. The Bébé Confort electric breast pump, in fact, is equipped with a practical support base with container that allows the mother to have her hands free during pumping. Operating on electricity, batteries or via a USB cable, it also includes a self-cleaning system for sterilization in the microwave oven.

Homogenizers and food cookers

Around 6 months, the newborn goes through one of the key steps in the first year of life: weaning. We are talking about a delicate and demanding phase for the little one but also for the parent who is, for the first time, dealing with baby food . Even in this case, however, technology lends a hand to new mothers and fathers, facilitating operations in the kitchen. For all parents who intend to prepare homemade meals for their children based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, there is no shortage of solutions. Homogenizers and food cookers are tech products designed precisely for this: the former only have a mixer function, the latter also capable of steaming food. Let's start with one of the simplest and cheapest products. The Innoliving homogenizer is a food processor dedicated to children, capable of processing fruit and cooked foods in a delicate way. In doing so, in fact, the incorporation of air into the compound is limited to the maximum, resulting in less chance for the newborn to develop air in the belly. The operation of Imetec HM3 is similar, a powerful and silent homogenizer that operates extremely quickly, preserving the nutrients of the raw materials. Careful also in the design, it is accompanied by two glass fresh jars for food storage. Moving on to the field of food cookers, here is a complete and efficient product for children. Chicco Easy Meal integrates steam cooking and mixer in a single container, to be alternated using a single switch. Very easy to use, it also includes the defrost and reheat function. Even more practical is the Philips Avent EasyPappa 2in1, similar in appearance to the previous model. Here, however, the transition from cooking to making cream is incredibly agile and clean. Just take out the main glass, turn it upside down with the food inside and chop: all in a single gesture. For those looking for an even more versatile product, the answer comes from the Nuvita Vapor Combo food processor, in all respects similar to a real food processor. Equipped with a generous container for cooking food and homogenizing, it is also able to carry out both activities simultaneously. In addition, it integrates a small display on which to monitor selected settings and related times. And it is equipped with the heating and sterilization function of the bottle. We conclude in the best possible way with the most advanced device of the selection. The Babymoov Nutribaby+ food cooker is actually designed for the whole family, accompanying the first months of life of the children and also the following years. Unique in its kind, it boasts two different cooking and mixer stations, offering a greater capacity of the respective containers. Furthermore, steam cooking can be carried out on two levels, so as to optimize the space available. Stylish and equipped with very intuitive controls, it also works as a sterilizer and bottle warmer.

Electronic scales

Checking the weight of children from time to time is essential to monitor their growth, verifying their correct progress. Doing it every day, however, is not recommended. The variations on a daily basis, in fact, are not always regular and this behavior could be frustrating for parents. Better to do this once a week or, alternatively, every three or four days. As seen for the other categories of tech products, even in this situation, technology can concretely support parents. The market, in fact, offers various battery-operated electronic household scales of remarkable precision. All in the face of a rather limited outlay. Among the best for value for money, we have selected three. Let's start with the Nuvita First Months electronic scale, a model that combines lightness, compactness and reliability. Designed up to 18 kilos in weight, it detects variations of 10 grams, showing itself to be very accurate. And it integrates an altimeter on the plate to approximately measure the height of the newborn. The Chicco CH 55770 scale also performs very well, bringing the maximum limit to 20 kilos. With a large display and the memory function of the last weigh made, it boasts an excellent stabilization system that allows it to function even if the baby moves. Similar technology is also present on board the Medel Mebby, a product for children accompanied by a soft towel to be applied to the plate. Very comfortable and designed to detect fluctuations up to 5 grams, it switches off automatically after each use.