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LG S3RF Clothes Technical Details

Capacity 5.2kg
Total place settings 3 + 1
Control / display Touch
Noise (db) 40
Rpm(m/hanger) 180
Energy Consumption 1850w (refresh normal)
Heavy (59) Yes
Normal (39) Yes
Light (20) Yes
Suits / coats (34) Yes
Wool / knit (27) Yes
Sports wear (54) Yes
Downloaded (varies) Yes
Normal (83) Yes
Bedding (93) Yes
Fine dust (53) Yes
Heavy duty (113) Yes
Dry wool / knitted (150) Yes
Dress shirts (112) Yes
Rainy days (120) Yes
Baby clothing sterilization (84) Yes
Doll sterilization (93) Yes
Suits / uniforms (83) Yes
Blanket warm up (30) Yes
Coat warm up (10) Yes
Fur / leather care (30) Yes
Jean care (98) Yes
Down jacket care (59) Yes
Trouser wrinkle care (64) Yes
Scarf care (23) Yes
Quiet care (120) Yes
School uniform care (69) Yes
Refreshing stored items (34) Yes
Static removal (10) Yes
Normal Yes (90)
Rain / snow Yes (51)
Dehumidify Yes (120 - 240)
Smart diagnosis™ 3
Remote Control Yes
Energy monitoring Yes
Smart diagnosis Yes
Download course Yes
One touch Yes
Product (wxhxd) 445 x 1850 x585 mm